Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

I know for me and my family, I am usually the one taking pictures.  Very rarely do I get a nice photo of Genesis and I (other than the occasional “miracle” photo via iphone camera).  And an excuse that I hear often from mothers (and let’s face it, I’ve used it myself a time or two…)

…”I need to lose weight”…

Years from now, when we are long gone… our children are not going to wish that their mother was thinner in every photo.  More than likely, they are going to wish they had more photos of you.  I think its important that we, as mother’s, make sure we step out on the other side of the camera, whether we are comfortable with our bodies or not, and capture memories with our children.

Because of this, I am planning to have “Mommy & Me” mini sessions this summer.  My hope is that you will let go of any insecurities you may have and jump at the chance to have some fun photos with your children!

Stay tuned for more details on these sessions…

561977_680218265489_666445074_n-2Me and my daughter (at six months)

Clearly we need an updated professional photo (she’s a year old now)! Thank you to Megan Shadle for taking this beautiful photo of us!


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