Breon Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Senior Photographer

I was contacted by Lauren to do her Senior photos and it was a mad dash to find a date that worked because she wanted the fall leaves… Well, we found SOME by the river but her backyard provided the best location with lots of leaves.  I did have to resist the urge to jump in!

I do have to mention one more thing… Lauren is quite the trooper.  It was FREEZING out… the wind was crazy that day as well.  But we got so many amazing photos and you’d never guess it was cold!

IMG_8303 copy-adv IMG_8306 copy-adv IMG_8321 copy-adv IMG_8438 copy-adv IMG_8511-inprog copy-adv Collage3 copy-adv IMG_8653 copy-adv IMG_8677 copy-adv Collage-adv Collage4 copy-advThanks so much, Lauren!  Enjoy your photos!!!

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