Snow Day {Mifflintown, Pa}

I grew up in Pennsylvania.  I enjoyed snow when I was little (especially when school cancellations were included).  But after living in Arkansas for two years… I detest the snow and cold.  I’m ALWAYS freezing.  In fact, while we were in Arkansas — during the summer — the air conditioning was too cold in church so I had a blanket stored there just for me! I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THE. COLD.

But when my daughter wants to go outside and play, we go…. sigh.  Her being so excited makes up for me freezing!

Here are some pics from our snow day…

447A7470 copy-adv 447A7494 copy-adv 447A7520 copy-adv 447A7565 copy-adv 447A7581 copy-adv 447A7646 copy-adv 447A7660 copy-adv 447A7673-2 copy-adv 447A7693 copy-adv 447A7700 copy-adv 447A7711 copy-adv 447A7730 copy-adv 447A7754 copy-adv 447A7759 copy-adv 447A7789 copy-adv 447A7795 copy-advLove the snowy tree scene!  If anyone would be interested in a mini family shoot here, let me know!  It is just breathtaking!!!!

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