Weges Sneak Peek {Thompsontown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had sooooo much fun photographing this family!  The kids had oodles of personality.  They had me busting up laughing the entire time!  Enjoy the sneak peek guys!  It was a pleasure taking your photos!

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Hockenberry Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

I’ve photographed E about four times now… the very first time he spent about 30 minutes in tears… I can’t blame him… me and my bunny helper can be a little intimidating.

Boy, has he come a long way!  We had so much fun during his session!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys!

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447A1914 copy-adv Collage2 copy 3-adv Collage-adv

447A1608 copy-advAnd I had to add this little gem… 🙂

Imes Family Sneak Peek {Newport, Pa} Children’s Photographer

I had high hopes for warmer weather the morning of this session… we even pushed the session back an hour but it still was pretty chilly.  But the kids did an absolutely amazing job!  Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Dad was working hard the day of the session, so mom brought his boots along for us to do a “family picture”.  It turned out PERFECT!

Cutest Kid Contest – 2014


So many people enjoyed last year’s Cutest Kid Contest so I decided to do it again!

A few things you need to remember (and for the new crowd… heads up)!

  • Photos submitted CANNOT be taken by a professional photographer.
  • Free session does not apply to already booked or past sessions.
  • Previous contest winners cannot participate.
  • On location sessions must be within 15 miles of my location or a travel fee may be applied.
  • Free session applies to family and children sessions only.
  • A fee may be applied for any session over 5 people.
  • Only one submission per family (((This is to help you out.  If you submit two, family and friends can only vote once so you’ll be splitting your votes between two different photos.)))
  • In order to submit a photo or vote, you MUST be a fan of Katie Bingaman Photography on Facebook.
  • Photo submissions are being accepted from May 1st – May 15th.  Voting is from May 16th – 30th.
  • Free session must be redeemed by August 31, 2014
  • CD with print copyright is included.  Cd will have between 10-20 images.

Feel free to email or FB message me any questions you might have.  When I open the forum for submissions, I will post the link to my Facebook page.  I will not be accepting any submissions through email.

Cutest Kid Contest 2014 blog3

Now get out there and take some adorable photos of your kids!!!!



Mommy & Me Minis

God bless my husband but he is pretty darn clueless when it comes to taking photos…. (to my standard).  I’ll have him stand where I’ll be standing for the picture and I’ll get the camera settings perfect… (I’m not a control freak or anything… I SWEAR!)  I would say 50% of the time, he comes out with a decent photo.  Yaaaaayyyyy!!!  The other 50% my daughter is either no longer interested in picture time or my husband focused the camera to the background… or it is just overall not very flattering.  I have so many great photos of my husband and daughter but the pictures of Genesis and I are few and far between…

Thankfully I have a photographer friend  (If you had photos taken by me in the past, you may have met her!!) who helps me get those FLATTERING photos… and Genesis is actually not a blur from running away!

This is just my funny and longwinded way of saying I’m holding Mommy & Me Minis again this year!  And I promise that your children will not be blurs and you will look FANTASTIC!

If you still aren’t convinced you want to have your picture taken, make sure you check out last years blog post here.


Mommy & Me 2014 (2)-sm


And just a few pictures of me and my daughter, Genesis… taken by the awesome Megan Shadle!
G With Mom copy-sm DSC_0301 copy-sm DSC_0296 copy-sm

And to prove that my husband can take a decent photo… here are two GREAT photos!  (I did have to crop these like crazy but they are fantastic!) And prior to posting this, I did show my husband what I wrote about him… his response, “You should post some of my bad pictures so they know you aren’t lying!” lol!
447A7795 copy-adv 447A7789 copy-advHope to see you there!!!!

Jones Sneak Peek {Fort Loudon, Pa} Family and Children’s Photographer

I am SOOO behind on blogging sessions.  Here is a sneak peek from my latest session.  I went to high school with M and E’s mommy.  It has been an absolute joy photographing these two kiddos over the last year! Boy have they grown!!   M is the big ONE and E turned THREE!  And can I just say, they were the best behaved kiddos, EVER!!!

447A0635 copy-adv 447A0668 copy-adv

447A0673 copy-adv

447A0704 copy-adv 447A0718 copy-adv 447A0722 copy-adv 447A0731 copy-adv Collage-advIt doesn’t get any better than this photo… 447A0764 copy-adv

Just a little sibling bonding going on… 😉447A0780 copy-adv

Again, absolutely PERFECT!!!447A0809 copy-adv Collage2-adv 447A0982-advEnjoy your photos, guys!  The kids did AMAZING!!! And I had a wonderful time!