Martin Sneak Peek {Newport, Pa} Family Photographer

These guys were troopers!  First it was cold, then it was muggy… then the gnats… they were EVERYWHERE!!!  We even had to have someone fan the bugs away while we were taking photos.  When it was all said and done, we got some great photos and had a wonderful time!

Here is just a sampling from our session.  Thanks so much everyone!  Enjoy!!!

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Ream Sneak Peek {Newport, Pa} Children’s Photographer

Oh these girlies!  I first photographed them at my tea party minis last year.  I believe they were about 6 or 7 months old.  (Click here for a sneak peek from that first session.)  Boy, have they grown! They are an absolute joy to photograph and, if it’s possible, they just get cuter and CUTER!!!!

Enjoy your sneak peek!!  And thanks again for bringing the girls to hang out with me!!! 🙂

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Reed Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

This lovely family welcomed baby number four into the family a few weeks ago.  I gotta tell ya, this little one just chilled the entire time we were taking pictures… totally content hanging out with mom!

Here are just a few sneak peeks from their session.  Everyone did AMAZING!!!!  Enjoy your sneak peek, guys!

447A3938-2 copy-adv 447A4008 copy-adv 447A4050 copy-adv 447A4052 copy-adv 447A4092 copy-adv 447A4164 copy-adv 447A4144-2 copy-advAn unplanned photo… but absolutely perfect!

Powell Sneak Peek {Thompsontown, Pa} Family Photographer

I absolutely love photographing large families… their personalities always come out and I usually end up laughing most of the session.  This was no different.  I have an absolute blast during this session.  Although we were battling some crazy wind, they all held in there and we got some amazing pictures!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys!!!

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Like I said… their personality always comes out… lol!

Genesis is Two {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

When my daughter was born, she had a camera in her face practically every day.  I did monthly sessions with her and she always did awesome.  Around nine months her attention span during her sessions deteriorated so I started incorporating food.  For her 9 month pictures she was a little baker…

IMG_5392 copy-adv IMG_5353 copy-adv IMG_5433 copy-adv

Since her daddy is part Italian, for her ten month session I decided to incorporate some pasta… (and I got to use her super adorable chefs hat AGAIN… I love etsy!)IMG_8540 copy-adv IMG_8575 copy-adv

Eleven Months was right around Valentine’s day… So I found some candy hearts to keep her interested in pictures… (I had to watch her with the candy hearts because she still had yet to have ANY teeth!! lol)IMG_9971 copy-adv IMG_9959 copy-adv IMG_0025 copy-adv

And of course for her one year session I did a smash cake session for her… Funny story… she preferred to play with the hungry caterpillar cake topper than she actually wanted to eat the cake!IMG_1550 copy-adv IMG_1731 copy-adv

After her monthly photos… I really only focused on more snapshots of her.  She basically completely ignored me anytime I wanted her to look at the camera… (the little booger!)  Occasionally I got a posed photo of her but they were few and far between.

Genesis turned 2 on March 3rd.  Finally at the end of April I decided to take her out and see how she did for pictures.  And here is the result:447A2941 copy-adv 447A2949 copy-adv Collage copy-adv 447A2970 copy-adv Collage  copy 447A3064 copy-adv447A3086-2 copy-adv

Happy Birthday, Genesis!  Even though you are the biggest stinker ever, I love you bunches! 🙂

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