Leimone Sneak Peek {Winston-Salem, NC} Maternity Photographer

I made a trip down to NC for my sister’s baby shower and we decided to do some maternity pictures while I was there.  Here is just a small sampling from their session… 🙂

447A7981 copy-adv 447A8013 copy-adv 447A7995 copy-adv 447A8088 copy-adv Collage6 copy-advCollage5 copy-adv Collage - adv 447A8308 copy-adv447A8419 copy-adv447A8436-2 copy 3-adv447A8341 copy-advCollage3 copy-adv447A8408-2 copy-adv Collage4 copy-adv447A8371 copy-advMy sister & mom… 🙂

B&A Collage copy-adv

My brother in law, Brian, was teasing me as I was shooting through a leaf.  I made this little before and after just for him.  😉

Wenrich Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

Meet the 2014 winner of the Cutest Kid Contest.  I met Paige a few months ago during another session.  She had me in stitches because she would not crack a smile… no matter how goofy we acted!  I seem to recall lots of singing too… lol!  We finally got one smile out of her and were THRILLED!!!  The day of her birthday session, she did AMAZING!  She gave me a few of her “is that all you got” looks but all in all, we got some AWESOME smiles!  Enjoy the sneak peek below!!447A9187 copy-adv447A9198 copy-adv447A9194 copy-adv 447A9213 copy-adv 447A9230 copy-adv 447A9236 copy-adv 447A9324 copy-adv 447A9335 copy-adv Collage copy 2-adv

I had such a great time!  Bring Paige back to see me again!!! 🙂

Spencer Sneak Peek {Newport, Pa} Children’s Photographer

I love repeat clients.  I get to watch the kids grow up!   These kiddos did an absolutely amazing job during their session… check out their sneak peek below!!

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Oh, and did I mention that they found a creepy bug in the middle of the session… it was FAR more interesting than me… and it was carried around the rest of the time we were taking pictures…. lol!

447A8801-3 copy 2-adv

And we even took some pictures with him… lol!447A8979 copy-advThanks for coming to see me again!!!  Loved spending the morning with you!

Hoffner Sneak Peek {Lititz, Pa} Newborn Photographer

As mentioned in my previous post, I was able to witness the birth of my best friend’s baby… (you can see that blog post here).  I was able to go back and see little Finn a few days later for his newborn photos.

He did amazing for his session!!!  Just check out some of the cuteness below….

447A7187 copy 2-adv 447A7463 copy-adv 447A7471 copy-adv447A7150 copy-adv 447A7200 copy-adv 447A7475 copy-adv 447A7379-2 copy-adv447A7548 copy-adv447A7494 copy-advGive Finn snuggles for me!!! I miss him already!!!!


Hoffner Sneak Peek {Lititz, Pa} Birth Photography

When I delivered my daughter, my best friend was in the delivery room with me… she kind of took the place of my husband who was hiding in the corner (he’s not a fan of pain, blood, hospitals, etc).  Lol! A few weeks ago I was able to witness the birth of her son.  What an amazing experience!!!  It’s definitely something I will never forget!  Here are just a few shots from the delivery…

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Bustin Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had so much fun photographing this family.  Liam was a little ham!  When he got into his camo outfit, he was so serious!!!  We definitely captured his little personality!

Enjoy the sneak peek, guys!

447A6841 copy-adv Collage2-adv Collage-adv 447A6940 copy-adv 447A7130 copy-adv 447A6988 copy-adv 447A7025 copy-adv 447A7037-2 copy-adv447A7109 copy-adv“To get to my dada, you have to go through me!”

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