Messimer Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Maternity Photographer

I really cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard during a session.  I really needed someone along just video taping our shenanigans!  Just picture two pregnant women (I’m 5 months pregnant) wading into a stream in our bare feet while “someone” (I’m not naming names… lol) sat back and laughed each time we almost fell in… but… he got his.  Just ask him what happened.  O:-)

Enjoy the sneak peek below!!!

Collage copy-adv 447A9536 copy-adv 447A9561 copy-adv Collage2 copy-adv 447A9690 copy-adv

Nope, not twins!!! These two parents are super patient and waiting to find out if they are having a girl or a boy!!!

447A9698 copy-adv 447A9709 copy-adv 447A9715 copy-adv 447A9743 copy-adv 447A9746 copy-adv 447A9748 copy-adv 447A9842 copy-adv 447A9891 copy-adv Collage3 copy-advThanks so much for the laughs guys!  🙂  I had a wonderful time!

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