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Over Christmas, my sister and her family were up from North Carolina.  My niece,  Jayne Lyn,  JUST started sitting while they were up visiting, so I just HAD to capture some photos of her!  Enjoy all of the sweetness below!!! ❤447A1142 copy-adv 447A1164 copy-adv 447A1213-3 copy-adv 447A1303 copy-adv 447A1307 copy-adv 447A1316 copy-adv 447A1324 copy-2 447A1342-2 copy-adv 447A1348 copy-adv Collage copy-advThose are squeezable, pinchable cheeks, right there!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Updates… {Mifflintown, Pa}

Goodness!  My last post was back in September!  Although it’s been quiet on the business side of things, I have been super busy on the home front.

Our second daughter was born October 29th.  What a joy she is!!!  She looks so much like her big sister, but she definitely has her own personality!447A7391 copy-sm

Megan Elisabeth Photography 447A7403 copy-smMegan Elisabeth Photography447A7510 copy-adv 447A7521 copy-advGenesis LOVES being a big sister!!!!!

When we brought Olivia home from the hospital, we walked into a flooded house.  While we were gone (and the water mitigation team believes this happened shortly after we left for the hospital) the pipe that brings water into the toilet burst and water ran in the house for the 2.5 days.  Can you say huge mess!?!?  We are actually still dealing with the aftermath of the mess, but they should be done fixing up the house this week or next.  SOOO EXCITED!!! lol!

We have easily adapted to having two kids.  Our oldest daughter was so colicky!  Olivia is so laid back… she is a breeze!!!  And while dealing with the mess and chaos of the flooded home, I’m super thankful for her laid back personality!!!

447A9834 copy-advTheir daddy is a drummer so I surprised him with a 24×36 canvas of this.  It looks AMAZING!!!

447A9936-2 (mouthedited) copy-advGenesis just had to take part in Olivia’s 1 month picture!

Olivia 1 and 2 months copyCannot believe how much she has grown!!! ❤447A1938 copy-adv

Thank you to everyone for being so patient while I took this time to spend with my family!  I am going to begin taking sessions in April.  So if you are interested in Spring pictures, please contact me as soon as possible so I can get you on the schedule!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, follow us on instragram @katiebingamanphotography.  I’ll be adding some of my favorite photos and if you book a session and happen to capture some behind the scenes magic, feel free to tag us!!! Continue reading “Updates… {Mifflintown, Pa}”