Taylor Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I just adore photographing my friend Rachel and her beautiful family.  Rach, you seriously made my job so easy! ❤ Thanks again for allowing me to capture these beautiful memories!  Enjoy your sneak peek! ❤447A6744 copy-adv 447A6765 copy-adv 447A6913 copy-adv 447A6961-2 copy-adv Collage4 copy-adv 447A6973 copy-adv 447A7048 copy-adv 447A7251 copy-adv447A7237 copy-adv 447A7289-2 copy-adv Collage2 copy-adv447A7115 copy-adv 447A7321 copy-adv Collage5 copy-adv 447A7270 copy 2-adv 447A7215 copy-adv 447A7222 copy-adv 447A7155-2 copy-adv 447A7348 copy-adv 447A7432 copy-adv

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