Breastfeeding Mini Sessions {Central, Pa}

When I was thinking about doing these minis and setting up photos for an advertisement, I really went back and forth between running a model call for a breastfeeding mama or if I should ask my friend and fellow photographer, Megan from Megan Elisabeth Photography to take pictures of me with my daughter Olivia.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have no problem having these sort of photos for myself.  But plastering them all over Facebook for all to see?? Not really me.  But, in the end I decided to go ahead and do it.  I decided that If I was going to ask my client’s to openly breastfeed while we photograph them, I could most definitely post these photos that she captured of me and my daughter… which are gorgeous, by the way! 😉

447A2597 copy-advI shared this on my Facebook page but I’ll share it here as well….

When I breastfed my first, Genesis, I was so incredibly nervous with feeding her in public. To make matters worse, she was EXTREMELY colicky for the first 5 months…. so add on top of that the stress and anxiety of going anywhere around the time when she needed to nurse… I was a nervous wreck. I would take my cover along everywhere we went and made sure she was 100% hidden.

447A2663 copy-advI remember specifically two occasions when people asked me to go elsewhere to nurse her. Both times I was covered and one of those times I was told to go find a restroom (this was by a woman, who you would think would understand especially since she had children of her own). The shame I felt was indescribable and there is absolutely NOTHING shameful with giving your little one the nourishment they need! 447A2621 copy-advThis time around, I’ve had a 100% change in the way I do things. I still nurse modestly, albeit without my cover… However, when Olivia is hungry I feed her. I don’t make her scream and cry until we can get somewhere more private. I don’t excuse myself to my vehicle when we are out…. I’ve nursed in the middle of Target and Walmart with one hand on the cart, I’ve nursed in the middle of restaurants… I nurse in the middle of church… This is the way it should be… #normalizebreastfeeding 447A2682 copy-adv447A2719 copy-adv447A2773 copy-adv Breastfeeding Minis copy-advPlease let me know if you have any questions about these minis!  If you know of any breastfeeding mamas who may be interested in having these moments captured, please feel free to share this blog post.

Much love! ❤

Back to School Mini Sessions {Central, Pa} Children’s Photographer

I cannot believe it is time for the kids to head back to school!  Where has the summer gone?!  I’m so excited to be offering Back to School Minis this year!  This can be for kids any age, but seriously, how adorable is this for the kids going to preschool or kindergarten!  ❤ These minis are coming up soon so email me as soon as possible to get on the schedule!  (More mini info at the bottom of this post.)

447A2449 copy-adv 447A2436 copy-adv 447A2466 copy-adv Collage copy-adv Back To School Minis 2015-ed