Clark Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Family Photographer

What a pleasure it was to photograph this family.  Although we were fighting the wind a bit, we got some wonderful photos.  Thanks so much for asking me to photograph your family.  I had a wonderful time!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

447A0920 copy-adv 447A1064 copy-adv 447A1021 copy-adv 447A1049 copy-adv 447A1148 copy-adv 447A1171 copy-adv 447A1183 copy-adv 447A1237 copy-adv 447A1635 copy-adv 447A1686 copy-adv 447A1727 copy-adv 447A1713 copy-advSeriously, this face!!! ❤

Prom 2015 Photo Appointments

I’m so excited to announce that I will be taking photos for prom this year!  You can come see me at the Juniata Valley Winery on May 9th from 3pm to 6:30pm.  Photos are by appointment only.  Contact me directly at to schedule your appointment.

After you schedule an appointment, please print out this Prom Order Form.  I must receive this form and your payment at the time of your session.

Email me if you have any questions.  So excited to see you all there!!!IMG_0795 copy-advAfter your appointment, feel free to take more pictures outside with your friends and family but please refrain from taking any pictures inside the building. 

Big news!!!

So….. we accidentally bought a house today!  Lol!  Okay, not accidentally… it only took my husband and I three years to find AND agree upon a house.  There hasn’t been many things that we have really argued about.  But the house has definitely been one of them… (there was also the vacuum incident… but we don’t talk about the vacuum.  Still a touchy subject…  Seriously…)

So anyway, Katie Bingaman Photography is relocating!!!

You: “What does that mean for me?”

Me: “Absolutely nothing… I’m just moving to Lewistown.”

You: “But I’ve already booked an indoor session with you.  Where will it take place?”

Me: “It can still happen at my old house.  But, if you’d prefer, you can also come to my new home.  Message/Email me and we can talk about it.”

You: “But I’ve scheduled an on-location shoot and now you are going to be outside of the free travel fee area…”

Me: “I will still honor the original price we had discussed.  Just know for future bookings, a travel fee may apply.”

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!

We are SUPER excited about finally owning our own home!  But, definitely NOT excited about moving… in the winter… with two little ones.  Lol!

moving-boxes-memeCouldn’t help myself… 😉

So the next question is… WHO WANTS TO HELP US MOVE?!?!


Wirt Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

I hadn’t planned on doing any Valentine’s Day Minis, partially because I’m still taking ‘maternity leave’ and partially because we JUST got moved back into our home since they replaced the hardwood floor and we are living out of boxes…. Katie had mentioned that she loved the v-day mini set up I had done for my kiddos and I thought: Well, it is super adorable, why not do a couple of sessions.  So that’s how these last minute V-day sessions came to be.  Now enjoy these adorable kiddos below!

447A3424 copy-adv 447A3389 copy-adv 447A3408 copy-adv 447A3367 copy-adv 447A3356 copy-adv 447A3452 copy-adv 447A3443 copy-adv 447A3463 copy-adv  447A3472 copy-adv 447A3477 copy-adv

I’m a huge fan of piggy toes… ❤447A3481 copy-adv

I swear, I didn’t pinch her… she was just super bummed the photo session was over… I SWEAR! 😉447A3582 copy-adv

And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @katiebingamanphotography. 😉

Snow Day {Mifflintown, Pa}

I grew up in Pennsylvania.  I enjoyed snow when I was little (especially when school cancellations were included).  But after living in Arkansas for two years… I detest the snow and cold.  I’m ALWAYS freezing.  In fact, while we were in Arkansas — during the summer — the air conditioning was too cold in church so I had a blanket stored there just for me! I. DO. NOT. LIKE. THE. COLD.

But when my daughter wants to go outside and play, we go…. sigh.  Her being so excited makes up for me freezing!

Here are some pics from our snow day…

447A7470 copy-adv 447A7494 copy-adv 447A7520 copy-adv 447A7565 copy-adv 447A7581 copy-adv 447A7646 copy-adv 447A7660 copy-adv 447A7673-2 copy-adv 447A7693 copy-adv 447A7700 copy-adv 447A7711 copy-adv 447A7730 copy-adv 447A7754 copy-adv 447A7759 copy-adv 447A7789 copy-adv 447A7795 copy-advLove the snowy tree scene!  If anyone would be interested in a mini family shoot here, let me know!  It is just breathtaking!!!!

Margaret McCann School of Dance – The Nutcracker {Mifflintown, Pa}

Many, many, MANY years ago, I was a dancer… I may not have been the best, but I tried my hardest!  Anyway, my former dance teacher asked me to come and photograph their performance of The Nutcracker.  What an amazing performance by a talented group of people. I really enjoyed myself!  Here is just a sampling of the photos.

(If you are one of the dancers and you’d like to see more from the event, you can email me at and I will email you the access information.)  Enjoy…

447A3195 copy-adv 447A3321 copy-adv 447A3438 copy 2-adv 447A3481 copy-adv 447A3627 copy-adv 447A3969 copy 2-adv 447A3682 copy-adv 447A3779 copy-adv 447A3850 copy-adv 447A3981 copy-adv 447A4055 copy-adv 447A3645 copy-adv