Armstrong Family Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

Mom had contacted me the day before her session letting me know that one of her children was not feeling 100% but we decided to move forward because we were afraid we would lose the beautiful fall leaves if we moved it to the following week.  Well, we had the most perfect day for this family and you’d never guess anyone was feeling under the weather!  It was the PERFECT session!  Thanks so much guys!  I had a blast!!  Enjoy your sneak peek!   447A0010 copy-adv 447A0089 copy-adv 447A0108 copy-adv 2015-10-18_0003 copy-adv 2015-10-18_0004 copy-adv -adv 447A0533 copy-adv


Sweitzer Sneak Peek {Newport, Pa} Family Photographer

I seriously had a difficult time narrowing down which photos to post for this family’s sneak peek!  They are all so great!  And I think I may have made a new BFF!  Miss Leah invited me over to play sometime!  😉 Thanks so much guys!  I had a blast!  Enjoy!

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Reinford Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had a great time photographing this family!!  These two cuties had me running but we got some AMAZING stuff!  😉 Oh, and I learned that Colton can climb (and stand) on a chair like a boss!  In fact, he gave me some of the most amazing smiles as he was balancing!  I can only imagine him monkey-ing around the house at home!

Thanks so much for asking me to capture your family!  Enjoy your sneak peek!!! ❤ 447A8057 copy-adv 447A8079 copy-adv 447A8089 copy-adv 447A8093 copy-adv 447A8105 copy-adv 447A8134 copy-adv 447A8130 copy-adv 447A8194 copy-adv 447A8202 copy-adv 447A8209 copy-adv 447A8346 copy-adv 447A8250 copy-adv447A8063 copy-adv 447A8382 copy-advOh and seriously, this one!?! I die!  This sums up sisterly/brotherly love!

Smith Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had so much fun last night photographing this beautiful family!  And seriously, the kids did AMAZING!  We were done within 40 minutes… seriously insane!  🙂

Mom and I had been keeping an eye on the orchard, patiently waiting for the flowers to bloom.  And we actually had to reschedule their session due to a surprise rash on Slone’s face.   Always seems to be something before pictures, am I right?! I’m so glad we rescheduled because the orchard was beautiful!!!

Enjoy the sneak peek below!  (And if you are interested in a quick session while the flowers are still blooming, I’ve included info on the minis I am having at the end of this blog post!)


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Deihl Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Maternity Photographer

Our original session date was rained out so, pressed for time, we decided to move this session to the 7:30 in the morning… can I just say that light at 7:30 in the morning is AMAAAAZING!  While it was windy and a bit chilly, we were able to get some great photos and Aubryn was a TROOPER!!! Thanks so much guys and can’t wait to find out if your having a boy or a girl!!! ❤ Oh, and Aubryn’s foot pop in the first photo… totally her.  ❤

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Clark Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Family Photographer

What a pleasure it was to photograph this family.  Although we were fighting the wind a bit, we got some wonderful photos.  Thanks so much for asking me to photograph your family.  I had a wonderful time!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

447A0920 copy-adv 447A1064 copy-adv 447A1021 copy-adv 447A1049 copy-adv 447A1148 copy-adv 447A1171 copy-adv 447A1183 copy-adv 447A1237 copy-adv 447A1635 copy-adv 447A1686 copy-adv 447A1727 copy-adv 447A1713 copy-advSeriously, this face!!! ❤

Brackbill Sneak Peek {Harrisburg, Pa} Family Lifestyle Photographer

What an amazing opportunity I had to capture photos of this BEAUTIFUL family in their home.

A little back story…. I got to know Brennan after my niece, Hannah, passed away from a brain tumor two years ago . Brennan was not only an amazing support to me as well as my brother’s family but he went above and beyond the call of duty.

Over the next year and a half I followed him on Facebook. I was so excited to see he and Lesa were expecting their first child and when Tori was born, I obsessively “liked” most of their photos. Tori has the most amazing lashes, eyes you get lost in, and an infectious smile.

Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago, Brennan and Lesa got the most devastating news… Tori has Krabbe Disease.

Through everything, they have remained faithful that God is in control and He has Tori in the palm of His hand.

What an absolute honor and privilege it was for me to be photograph this sweet family. I even got a little cuddle time in with Tori after we were done taking pictures.

Please be in prayer for this beautiful family as they walk through this valley. And more specifically, be praying for Tori’s Miracle.  They have a Facebook page if you would like to be a part of it: They also have a blog so you can stay up to date on Tori:

If you would like to support this family, a GoFundMe page has been set up for them at:…

I am also selling bracelets for the family. They are $5.00/each. They are dark blue, and say ‪#‎PrayForTori‬ on one side and Team Tori on the other. Email me at if you would like to purchase one.  (I included a picture of the bracelets at the bottom of this post.)

Enjoy the sneak peek from their session….

447A0277 copy-adv 447A0256 copy-adv 447A0262-2 copy-adv 447A0293-2 copy-adv 447A0335 copy-adv 447A0168 copy-adv 447A0145 copy-adv 447A0032-2 copy-adv 447A9982-2 copy-adv 447A0347-2-adv 447A0358-3 copy Brackbill_82 copy-adv 447A9952-2 copy-adv 447A0355-2 copy-adv 447A0515 copy-advMe and ToriI was so happy to finally meet this lovely little lady!  ❤

Bracelets copy-advThe bracelets I’m selling. Proceeds will go to the Brackbill family.