Imes Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Newborn Photographer

You’re never going to believe me by the looks of these photos but little Miss Lainey gave me a run for my money during her session! I’m not complaining though because, in the end, we got some amazing shots for mom and dad! ❤ (I just wish y’all could see how hard we worked for these! lol!)

Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me during your session.  I had a great time.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Book Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Newborn Photographer

Meet six day old, Amelia Claire!

Amelia’s mommy contacted me months before her due date… (I love a planner, cuz heaven knows I’m a terrible one! lol) When I found out she was having a girl, I was so excited because I got to pull out all of my adorable girly props!  I mean, seriously!!! Every girl needs to accessorize!  Am I right?!?! And when I found out that mommy was a teacher, I just HAD to have my school set up for Amelia!

Side note: this gorgeous mama had to have a c-section… She wasn’t feeling very well the day of our session and Miss Amelia was giving them a run for their money that morning.  But, seriously… how GORGEOUS is she?!  She was absolutely glowing!  ❤

Thank you so much for asking me to capture Amelia’s newborn photos!  Enjoy your sneak peek. ❤ Book_21 copy447A8924 copy-adv Book_11 copy447A8883 copy-adv 447A9059 copy-adv 447A9064 copy-adv Book_29 copy447A8959-2 copy-adv447A8998 copy-adv447A9009 copy-adv447A9168 copy-adv Book_88 copy 447A9215 copy-adv 447A9235 copy 2adv22447A9139-finished-advAnd my absolute favorite image… just hatched.  ❤

McKee Sneak Peek {Harrisburg, Pa} Fresh 48 Photographer

It all started with a random post one evening when I said I wanted to get into Fresh 48 Sessions…. So many people shared my post and The McKee Family emailed me saying how interested they were in doing something like this.  Yes, they could see my work online but not having any examples of my Fresh 48 sessions, I think they took a chance on me…  I hope I met and surpassed every expectation they had with their session!

What an honor it was to be welcomed into their cozy room when their little one was just 14 hours old… Oh, I just wanted to squeeze the stuffing out of him!!!

To be able to photograph such a precious, new life… THAT right there is an immense privilege.  Thank you Kendra and Chris!  Enjoy your sneak peek below!  ❤


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Interested in a Fresh 48 Session like this one (or know someone who may be), email me at!