A bittersweet day…

Today there is an appointment on my calendar that I won’t be able to make… Not because I don’t want to be there but because she was called home to Jesus on Easter Sunday… just one week before our scheduled session.

I was so looking forward to seeing her again, photographing her with her pigtails/pony tail, capturing those big beautiful eyes…

The week leading up to Easter Sunday I had been keeping an eye on the weather to make sure it would be a good temperature for her and planning what poses I would do.  I was even debating buying a new lens I’ve been wanting to get for over a year just so I could capture the very best photos for her and her parents.

On Sunday, when I heard what had happened, I broke down.  Why couldn’t I have rearranged my schedule, I wish I would’ve known this was going to happen…

…If only… if only…

Today, the day of our appointment, I’m now going to a different location but I’m going with the same little girl on my mind and with my camera in my hand…

You see, I’m meeting up with a couple hundred people… people’s whose lives have been impacted by this little life and we are going to celebrate her and show her parents what an inspiration they have been to us and how much we love and support them.

Today, one little girl may be absent but she will never be forgotten…

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Dressler Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Newborn Photographer

I have said it before and I will say it again… I love my job!  What an honor it is to be welcomed into someone’s home soon after bringing home a brand new baby.  And being able to witness the new bond between big brother and new baby sister, that’s pretty amazing.  ❤ Enjoy your sneak peek guys!  447A6302 copy-adv 447A6326-2 copy-adv 447A6317 copy-adv 447A6434-2 copy-adv 447A6252 copy-adv 447A6481 copy-adv 447A6561 copy 2-adv2 447A6565 copy-adv 447A6512 copy-adv 447A6534 copy-adv 447A6586-2 copy-adv 447A6201 copy-adv 447A6614 copy-adv 447A6643 copy-adv

Brackbill Sneak Peek {Harrisburg, Pa} Family Lifestyle Photographer

What an amazing opportunity I had to capture photos of this BEAUTIFUL family in their home.

A little back story…. I got to know Brennan after my niece, Hannah, passed away from a brain tumor two years ago . Brennan was not only an amazing support to me as well as my brother’s family but he went above and beyond the call of duty.

Over the next year and a half I followed him on Facebook. I was so excited to see he and Lesa were expecting their first child and when Tori was born, I obsessively “liked” most of their photos. Tori has the most amazing lashes, eyes you get lost in, and an infectious smile.

Fast forward to about 6 weeks ago, Brennan and Lesa got the most devastating news… Tori has Krabbe Disease.

Through everything, they have remained faithful that God is in control and He has Tori in the palm of His hand.

What an absolute honor and privilege it was for me to be photograph this sweet family. I even got a little cuddle time in with Tori after we were done taking pictures.

Please be in prayer for this beautiful family as they walk through this valley. And more specifically, be praying for Tori’s Miracle.  They have a Facebook page if you would like to be a part of it: www.facebook.com/PrayingForTori. They also have a blog so you can stay up to date on Tori: thebrackbills.wordpress.com.

If you would like to support this family, a GoFundMe page has been set up for them at: http://www.gofundme.com/luphsw…

I am also selling bracelets for the family. They are $5.00/each. They are dark blue, and say ‪#‎PrayForTori‬ on one side and Team Tori on the other. Email me at info@katiebingamanphotography.com if you would like to purchase one.  (I included a picture of the bracelets at the bottom of this post.)

Enjoy the sneak peek from their session….

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Bracelets copy-advThe bracelets I’m selling. Proceeds will go to the Brackbill family.