Sanderson Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Cake Smash Session

Ella’s momma and I have been planning her one year session for several months.  A few days before her session the weather wasn’t looking too favorable for travel.  We decided to reschedule and it’s a good thing we did because that’s when we got the blizzard!  I have to say, I was kind of disappointed we had to reschedule because I had been looking forward to this session.  However, my girls really did enjoy playing in all of the snow.

Finally, two weeks later we did Ella’s session and, while she really made us work for smiles, she did an AMAZING job!

Happy birthday, Ella!  I had so much fun with you!

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Cake by Michelle Kuhn

Finney Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

One of my favorite sessions to do is cake smash sessions… you never know how they will react to a big cake sitting in front of them.  Liam wasn’t much of a cake eater… in fact, mom got the teeniest, tiniest piece in his mouth and I learned he does not like different textures!  Haha!  But all in all, we had a great time and he was a mess! ❤

I had so much fun brainstorming with Liam’s mom about his one year session!  We had been chatting over a month coming up with different ideas and I just love how it all came together.

Enjoy the sneak peek below!

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Wise Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

Meet Anna…

She was born at 26 weeks.  Can you say “miracle baby”?!?!  She came to see me to celebrate her one year birthday!  What an absolute doll!!  She really made me work for the smirks/smiles, but I did get a few in the end! 🙂


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Happy Birthday, Anna!  Thanks for letting me capture your one year birthday pictures!!!

Kelley’s in Kenya {Mifflintown, Pa}

Please be in prayer tomorrow as my brother and family return to Kenya to continue their mission work.

Thank you for your prayers the last month. Please continue to cover them in prayer as they find their new “normal” without Hannah…

♥  If you are unfamiliar with Hannah’s story, please visit



My brother and family had a super hero photo shoot while they were in the states.


My sweet niece, Hannah, during her 1 year cake smash.