Powell Sneak Peek {Thompsontown, Pa} Family Photographer

I absolutely love photographing large families… their personalities always come out and I usually end up laughing most of the session.  This was no different.  I have an absolute blast during this session.  Although we were battling some crazy wind, they all held in there and we got some amazing pictures!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys!!!

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Like I said… their personality always comes out… lol!

Weges Sneak Peek {Thompsontown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had sooooo much fun photographing this family!  The kids had oodles of personality.  They had me busting up laughing the entire time!  Enjoy the sneak peek guys!  It was a pleasure taking your photos!

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Porter Sneak Peek {Thompsontown, Pa} Family Photographer

Of course it started to rain when we were driving to this family’s session.  But we soldiered on and got some AMAZING pictures!  Like, so amazing you can’t even tell we were being rained on! 🙂

Collage2 copy-adv IMG_4498 copy-adv Collage copy-advSometimes a boy just needs a tractor break… (and I’m totally okay with that…)

IMG_4405 copy-adv Collage4 copy-adv IMG_4560 copy-adv IMG_4598 copy-advThis is when I discovered it was not wise to try to get the boy’s attention by holding their football over my head saying I was going to throw it to them… (still an adorable photo!!!)

IMG_4542 copy-adv

And my favorite…  if you look closely, it looks like Shawn is levitating… lol!IMG_4348 copy-advI had so much fun shooting this session… Not only because I got to shoot in the rain (which was really fun!), and the wonderful family… but also because we were surrounded with such beautiful scenery!!! Thanks so much guys!  Enjoy your photos!!!