A little Valentine’s Day lesson… {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

You learn something with every session you photograph… whether it’s a new trick to make kids smile… a new, awesome location to shoot at… you even learn what not to do sometimes as well…

While attempting to photograph my daughter’s Valentine’s pictures (which I wasn’t holding my breath about anyway) I learned that I’m not above bribery.  Yes, I’ve had sessions where bribery has been involved.  A special trip to Mcd’s after a session, candy… TOYS!  But I’ve never used bribery for a session with my daughter….

The question is… WHY HAVE I NOT?!?!  I told her to sit… AND SHE DID!!!  I told her to say “CHEESE” (Which she never does) and she said, “CHEEEEEE!!!!”

A little background info… my daughter is extremely strong willed… If you tell her not to do something, she is going to do it…  simply because you told her not to.   If you tell her to look at the camera, she won’t.  In fact, she is so over photos that as soon as she sees the camera she looks down, turns around, or runs away.  Ohhh… the stories I could tell you about my sweet daughter, Genesis and her strong willed temperament… So, as I said, I was not holding my breath for her to cooperate for these pictures.

So, the lesson from this session was, yes… I will use bribery for my daughter… and it came in the form of fruit snacks… Collage2-adv 447A7274 copy-adv 447A7319 copy-adv 447A7339 copy-adv 447A7321-2 copy-adv 447A7252 copy-adv 447A7354 copy-adv 447A7370 copy-adv

We had to pause for a moment to chew… lol447A7344 copy-adv