Hockenberry Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

What a wonderful day we had to photograph E’s third birthday pictures.  I’ve photographed him 5 times now and seriously, he just gets cuter and cuter!!!  He totally made me work for the photos this time around and we definitely tried bribing him with jelly beans… (which really didn’t work, lol… they totally would have for me!) But we still got some amazing photos!

Enjoy!  Hockenberry_2 copy-adv 447A2365 copy-adv Hockenberry_21 copy-adv 447A2410 copy-adv Hockenberry_4 copy-adv Hockenberry_45 copy-adv Hockenberry_51 copy-adv Hockenberry_52 copy-adv 447A2535 copy-adv Hockenberry_73 copy-adv Hockenberry_74 copy-advThese last 3 photos… yeah… I melt! ❤

Clark Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Family Photographer

What a pleasure it was to photograph this family.  Although we were fighting the wind a bit, we got some wonderful photos.  Thanks so much for asking me to photograph your family.  I had a wonderful time!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

447A0920 copy-adv 447A1064 copy-adv 447A1021 copy-adv 447A1049 copy-adv 447A1148 copy-adv 447A1171 copy-adv 447A1183 copy-adv 447A1237 copy-adv 447A1635 copy-adv 447A1686 copy-adv 447A1727 copy-adv 447A1713 copy-advSeriously, this face!!! ❤