Victoria “Tori” Brackbill’s Home Going Celebration

Yesterday I had the honor of attending Tori Brackbill’s home going celebration… (Some of you may remember previous sessions I had done with this family… you can view one of those sessions here.)

Y’all I gotta be honest. It was a bittersweet event for me…

There is a devastation you feel in your heart when someone so young passes away.  But with Tori, along side that devastation is PEACE and HOPE.

PEACE because she is in a much better place where she is able to run and play and once again open up those big, beautiful eyes… She is no longer trapped in a body that was failing her.  And HOPE because ALL who follow Jesus have the hope of heaven!

I titled this blog post “Celebration” because yesterday was truly a CELEBRATION of Tori’s life.  And what a party it was!!!  There were party favors with Tori’s two favorite foods: dum dum lollipops and cheetos, photos and slideshow from all of her Bucket List adventures, balloons, and a stage full of her giraffe collection.

I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet sweet Tori.  Not only has her short life made such a HUGE impact on my life, but on THOUSANDS of others as well.

We are truly all #TEAM TORI.

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