Zechman Sneak Peek {Beavertown, Pa} Family Photographer

I haven’t seen Aaron & Beth since before these two cuties were born!  What a pleasure it was to photograph their family!  (And we really lucked out with some amazingly cool weather!!!)  Enjoy the sneak peek below!

447A5198-2 copy-adv 447A5229-2 copy-adv 447A5266-2 copy-adv 447A5307-2 copy-adv 447A5301-2 copy-adv 447A5339-2 copy-adv 447A5488-2 copy-adv 447A5426 copy-adv 447A5492-2 copy-adv 447A5497-2 copy-adv 447A5538 copy-adv 447A5579 copy-adv 447A5654 copy-advThanks so much guys!  I had a great time!!!

Wise Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Children’s Photographer

Meet Anna…

She was born at 26 weeks.  Can you say “miracle baby”?!?!  She came to see me to celebrate her one year birthday!  What an absolute doll!!  She really made me work for the smirks/smiles, but I did get a few in the end! 🙂


447A4844 copy-adv Collage2 copy-adv 447A4942 copy-adv 447A4948-2 copy-adv 447A4982 copy-adv 447A5001-2 copy-adv 447A5015 copy-adv 447A5041 copy-adv 447A5031 copy-advAnna’s mom explained to me that the heart “sticker” was put on her while she was in the isolete.  When she was just born, the sticker was the size of her entire back.  They’ve been using these as a reference point of her growth throughout the last year….

Happy Birthday, Anna!  Thanks for letting me capture your one year birthday pictures!!!

Taylor Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I remember the day I met Rachel in Junior High.  It’s just one of those memories that has stuck with me.  What a joy it has been to become her friend and as we both moved away and on in life, being able to watch her and her beautiful family grow (through facebook)… What a privilege it is to photograph such truly wonderful people.

I had such an amazing time photographing this session… I hope you all love the photos as much as I do!  447A2588-2 copy-adv 447A2617 copy-adv 447A2717-2 copy-adv 447A2788-2 copy-adv       Collage2 copy-adv    Collage3 copy-adv447A2861 copy-adv447A3034 copy-adv447A3067 copy-adv447A3113 copy-adv447A3116 copy-adv447A3156 copy-adv447A3175 copy-advCollage copy-adv447A3394 copy-ADV447A3419 copy-adv          Collage4 copy-adv447A3439-2 copy-adv447A3467 copy-adv447A3529 copy-adv447A3599 copy-adv447A3664 copy-adv




Wirt Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Maternity Photographer

I’ve known Katie for many, many years and it is such a privilege to photography her growing family!  Hannah had us all in stitches during this session…  She has PERFECTED the head tilt and scrunchy-nosed smile.  Both of which I am a HUGE fan of!  🙂 Enjoy your sneak peek guys!

447A0076 copy-adv 447A0136 copy-adv 447A0133 copy-adv 447A0192-2 copy-adv Collage2 copy-adv 447A0215 copy-adv 447A0245 copy-adv 447A0255-2 copy-adv 447A0277 copy-adv 447A0289 copy-adv 447A0347 copy-adv 447A0330 copy-adv Collage copy-adv 447A0398-adv 447A0423-3 copy-adv 447A0461 copy-adv

Dyer Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Family Photographer

I cannot believe Cole is the big TWO!!! Where does the time go?!?  He definitely kept all three of us on the move during this session but we had a blast!!!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys!  🙂

447A1571 copy-adv 447A1356 copy-adv 447A1363 copy-adv 447A1360 copy-adv447A1426-2 copy-adv 447A1482 copy-adv 447A1483 copy-adv Collage copy-adv  447A1534 copy-advCollage2 copy-adv

Sooo much personality!  🙂

Thanks for spending the afternoon with me!!! Happy Birthday, Cole!!!

Nichols Sneak Peek {Lewistown, Pa} Family Photographer

I had such a blast photographing this session.  Any time kids are involved, you’re sure to have oodles of personality, fun and lots of running after kiddos!  These kids were troopers, in spite of hundreds of gnats and even some rain toward the end of their session!  Enjoy the sneak peek below!  (And I’m sure you’ll see what I mean about oodles of personality!!! lol!)

447A0040 copy-adv 447A0061 copy-adv 447A0094 copy-adv 447A0179-2 copy-adv 447A0213 copy-adv 447A0216 copy-adv 447A0278 copy-adv 447A0424 copy-adv 447A0441 copy-adv 447A0395 copy-adv 447A0362 copy-adv Collage copy-adv Collage3 copy-adv Collage4 copy-adv

Thanks so much guys!  I had a wonderful time!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Messimer Sneak Peek {Mifflintown, Pa} Maternity Photographer

I really cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard during a session.  I really needed someone along just video taping our shenanigans!  Just picture two pregnant women (I’m 5 months pregnant) wading into a stream in our bare feet while “someone” (I’m not naming names… lol) sat back and laughed each time we almost fell in… but… he got his.  Just ask him what happened.  O:-)

Enjoy the sneak peek below!!!

Collage copy-adv 447A9536 copy-adv 447A9561 copy-adv Collage2 copy-adv 447A9690 copy-adv

Nope, not twins!!! These two parents are super patient and waiting to find out if they are having a girl or a boy!!!

447A9698 copy-adv 447A9709 copy-adv 447A9715 copy-adv 447A9743 copy-adv 447A9746 copy-adv 447A9748 copy-adv 447A9842 copy-adv 447A9891 copy-adv Collage3 copy-advThanks so much for the laughs guys!  🙂  I had a wonderful time!